Gate Remodel and New Hardware


Hi there- how was your weekend?  We spent the weekend replacing gates in our backyard for our new puppy, Chloe!  It was a birthday gift to me from the family: the puppy, not the gate!  It was looking a little tired: both the gate and myself!!    Both gates just needed new doors as the posts were installed when we      my {first} husband  originally built the fence gates.


As the flagstone settled the posts caught on the flagstone resulting in boards pulling away from frame!


     We completely copied our neighbor’s fence they built (okay they hired a guy)  a few months ago when they got a puppy.    This time around we left spaces between each board. We also left enough space at the bottom so the gate has no chance of catching on the flagstone or the vine.   We love the look. It opens up the yard and the dogs can have a peek into the front yard!  We built 2 identical fences on opposite sides of the house (but this side of the yard is prettier)!


New Hardware:  I grabbed new hardware at Home Depot on our way out with the fence boards.  This was under $10.00.  If I had to do it  again I would go a little larger on the hardware.  While we replaced the old gate latch my son said, “We need to save this mom.. I bet we can find something to do with it.”  Oh…. he’s a future DIY’er!


Before and After: One more look at the before and after!  Love it!  Scroll below for resource list.


Resource List:

All supplies purchased at Home Depot. We reused the hinges from previous gates.   Wood was around $80.00 but this was for 2 gates and we replaced the side horizontal slats to the left of the gate.  Latch was from Home Depot and under $8.00.


Look Where My Pumpkins Popped Up!!


Okay, this post title makes me giggle!  I have tried for eight years to grow pumpkins in my backyard.  Every year yields big leaves and no pumpkins.  A few years ago our  neighbors sneaked into our yard while we were out and “planted” full size pumpkins in my pumpkin patch!  It was the cutest, most original surprise! Here’s a peak at the ONLY pumpkin I have grown: this is full size!


I have tried growing them here in a raised bed:

DSC_0061-002 (2)

I tried raising them in steel tubs:

pumpkins 1

And, where do they end up growing. In the front yard, near the front porch behind a large rock. Like they were hiding from me or taunting me.  So how did they get here, 25 yards from prior patches?  Well after Thanksgiving,  I missed the garbage truck and I had rotting pumpkins  to hide minutes before an annual Couples Christmas Cocktail Party. So, I stashed the rotting pumpkins behind the rock. And, here is my new pumpkin patch: