Homemade Dog Bones

A little free time always benefits my dogs, Owen and Tanner ( Big O and Little T).  Usually, the free time is in the form of an extra walk, but this week with week of rain I decided to make them homemade dog bones!


 I did a quick Google search, but some of the ingredients required an extra trip to the grocery store. So when I found a 3 ingredient recipe (milk, wheat flour and peanut butter) I was set.  Technically it’s 4 if you count the baking powder.  01-DSC_0535 It was easy to mix, roll out and cut.     Just like a thick sugar cookie dough.


 The only trouble I had was with the recipe.  It had several typos and I suspect the oven temperature was one of the the typos.  The original recipe said 200 degrees, but after 40 minutes the dog bones were super smooshy.  So with some random temperature changes I settled on a cookie temperature of 350.  I would start at 350 and bake for 20 minutes to get a baseline on a correct temperature. (That last sentence sounded so technical)!

Recipe: 2 cups whole wheat flour, 2 TBSP baking powder, 2 cups chunky peanut butter,2 cups nonfat milk.   I sorted & wrapped these treats up with twine . Let’s not forget our pets for Valentines Day!  These make great gifts for neighbors or teachers’ pets (get it)?



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    alicia szemon says

    I love to spoil my pup so i love to buy him all the yummy treats and stuff. This will save me money and i know what is going into the treats because i will be making them(: Very cute and easy dog treats here(:

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    Girl!! Not only word my Sweet Yellow Dog love these treats, may little people would love making them for her! I’m adding this to our Summer Fun Pinterest Board and making next week. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing on Show-Licious!
    ~ Ashley

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      Hi Kassidy It makes approximately 15-20 cookies depending on the size of your cookie cutter and thickness! My dogs love them! thanks laura

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    Melissa Baldwin says

    Just made these and used 1 cup of milk and i cup of applesauce. My dog loved them and I got to thinking that you could add almond milk instead of regular milk for the lactose intolerant dogs. My cat also liked them since he likes peanut butter.

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      I tried them… a little too dry even for my standards of anything cut with a cookie cutter! But, my dogs love them (Bernese Mountain dog and Australian Shepherd)!

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    I found your link on Simply Designing and I had to take a look! These are a really cute idea and they look so easy to make! Thanks for posting and have a great weekend!

  5. 77


    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your new Red Plate.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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    Brenda H. says

    Is it baking soda or baking powder? You say that it is 4 ingredients if you count the baking soda, but when you list the recipe, it calls for baking powder. I want to get this right. These are cute.

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      Great catch Brenda! It’s baking POWDER and I made the correction on the post! Thanks so much! My dogs love them. I tried them… um not so much :0)

      thanks again!!!

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    This looks amazing, Laura! So easy, too. :-) I know our dog would LOVE these. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and for linking up with Nomday Monday. I’ll head on over to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter. Have a great day!

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    Hi Laura,
    Our Max is going to just love these awesome Homemade Dog Bones! Hope you are having a great Valentine weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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