Air and Heat Grate Makeovers!

Hi all- This is a small project with a big impact. This spring was the season I decided to get rid of a bunch of cheap furniture and my ever expanding collection of  tiny accessories.  I must say this is my most favorite transformation to my floors with a can of spray paint!  You heard me!  Here is my original grates before the paint! gratesbefore And, here is the look after a primer/black combo. I  LOVE  this simple idea!  Even {first} husband noticed and I could paint the front door pink and he would not notice unless his phone was duct taped to the door!

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  1. 16

    Bonnie@Creative Decorating says

    Amazing what you can do with that spray paint! I have painted all of our return air vents on the wall. Love it!

  2. 17

    Donna's Daze says

    I had been wondering if this could be done. My heating grates stand out like sore thumbs. I’m going to have to try this.

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