Seven Layer Bars… Oh my these are headed to my thighs!


Okay these seven layer bars are from Better Homes & Garden Cookbook.  My mom used to make these and they are just the right amount of sweet and sweet.  The layer of butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts is just, well… awesome!    And, they are so rich that 1 or maybe 1.5 satisfies [Read more…]

Christmas Sugar Cookies


Baking sugar cookies and frosting cookies provided me with  quiet solitude and a media-free distraction  from the horrific  tragedy and subsequent details  at Sandy Hook Elementary.  So this post is simply my sugar cookie recipe and a chance to show my daughter’s {home from college} cookie decorating skills .  I don’t  think she believes I [Read more…]

I am Not Ready

just ash love this 2009 fall

Reposted after my WordPress migration: My daughter drove to school this morning, taking her last final for the semester. She is a junior in high school. She is a great girl who happens to have  what I would have envied when I was in high school (brains, beauty, an athlete and a strong inner confidence).  She is also in [Read more…]

Twigs and Branches


What is it about the design elements that nature provides?  I just love the simplicity of pine cones, branches, and all things organic.  Nature’s beauty is a regular contributor to this blog.  These branches are from an Aspen tree in our backyard. We cut the branches that were leaning against the house (bad for the [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Knock off Mercury Decor for $3.00


While my sister was visiting over the holidays  I asked her to help me “shake things up” with my Christmas decor. Well she shook it up and sprayed it over some of my favorite summer finds. This was our PB inspiration: If you have worked with spray paint you know it is “design in a can.”  You [Read more…]

Centerpieces Pretty Enough to Eat


The best rewards of a fruit centerpiece is it is edible and doesn’t need to be stored after the season!  What I have noticed is when I display fruit in a pretty bowl, the family is drawn to it. Kinda like the way I am drawn to Peanut M&M’s when they are in a glass [Read more…]

Snow Body Scrub “homemade”


Shhh….. this was the most simple  and successful gift idea.  And, it was inexpensive too! Did I mention how much fun I had with this project.  I feel like I cheated. It’s like buying a frozen lasagna and calling it my own. Well, this is like making my own body bath scrub except I didn’t [Read more…]

New Window Treatments for the Kitchen {in half the time}


My daughter left for college this fall and I am trying to keep busy (between real estate clients, 2 boys with homework  and after school activities   I am also motivated to try and make some changes before she comes home for the holidays.  Am I afraid she will see the new projects on [Read more…]