Christmas Sugar Cookies


Baking sugar cookies and frosting cookies provided me with  quiet solitude and a media-free distraction  from the horrific  tragedy and subsequent details  at Sandy Hook Elementary.  So this post is simply my sugar cookie recipe and a chance to show my daughter’s {home from college} cookie decorating skills .  I don’t  think she believes I [Read more...]

I am Not Ready

just ash love this 2009 fall

Reposted after my WordPress migration: My daughter drove to school this morning, taking her last final for the semester. She is a junior in high school. She is a great girl who happens to have  what I would have envied when I was in high school (brains, beauty, an athlete and a strong inner confidence).  She is also in [Read more...]

Twigs and Branches


What is it about the design elements that nature provides?  I just love the simplicity of pine cones, branches, and all things organic.  Nature’s beauty is a regular contributor to this blog.  These branches are from an Aspen tree in our backyard. We cut the branches that were leaning against the house (bad for the [Read more...]

Snow Body Scrub “homemade”


Shhh….. this was the most simple  and successful gift idea.  And, it was inexpensive too! Did I mention how much fun I had with this project.  I feel like I cheated. It’s like buying a frozen lasagna and calling it my own. Well, this is like making my own body bath scrub except I didn’t [Read more...]