Wine Cork Décor


WINE CORKS | DECOR Any wine cork hoarders reading this post today?  Well here is a creative solution  to hide the wine corks stashed in your kitchen drawers from your mother-in-law.  Anyone have a curious – just looking for a glass type of-  mother-in-law? Before I go off in a different direction let me bring it [Read more…]

Easy Canvas Project

A few years ago I surprised my family with this Prayer of Saint Francis printable on Valentine’s Day. I uploaded it to an online source and they custom formatted it to resemble the subway art I love. I paid a lot for this custom canvas and I don’t know if my family appreciated the effort [Read more…]

Bunny Image Printable


Hi Everyone- I am in love with this bunny image printable.   The best part is you don’t have to drain your printer’s ink!  I emailed my local printer (Office Max soon to be Staples) with the graphic below and asked for the image to print to an 18×24 printable. The cost for the 18×24 printable: $2.11.  This price was definitely worth the [Read more…]

DIY Winter Wreath


Hi everyone- It’s funny to post a winter wreath when we had temps as high as 70 last weekend in Denver. Seriously, where’s the snow? We need snow. Now, if you are over the snow you can still make this DIY winter wreath and save it for next winter! So I made this DIY Winter [Read more…]

No Soliciting Sign & Free Printable


No Soliciting Sign & Free Printable : 2 Minute Tuesday Happy February!  Here’s a super easy  No Soliciting Sign  printable for your front door.   It’s a winter them no soliciting sign with a little humor! It prints on 8×11 paper  white paper so it’s a low maintenance printable. And, it is a free printable  because well.. I’m not [Read more…]

DIY Snowflake Blocks


Hi there~ I feel like I am a little late to the Winter Décor theme going on over at Pinterest.  I am kind of  excited that winter decor in January and February is becoming it’s on recognized season.  It makes taking down the holiday decorations less of a let down and more like, “let’s bring [Read more…]

Paper Bag Décor : 2 Minute Tuesday


Have you ever had a paper  bag that was too pretty or fun to throw away? Well, on a recent trip to Park City {Utah}, I found this fun shop called “Root’d.” I bought a wedding gift and the shop owner put the gift in this brown paper bag. The fact that this paper  bag remained intact on [Read more…]

Craft Fail

Source: Good Housekeeping

I’m not that girl who makes a roll of toilet paper look like it belongs in Southern Living. I’m not the girl who gets it right the first time.   I am the girl who attempts to  imitate or copy  projects around the Pin-ter-verse and comes up short (just like my height). I am the crappy-cat girl!    I saw this ribbon [Read more…]

Upcycle Tree Branches


Hi There- Here’s a quick upcycled wreath I made using tree trunks and branches from a neighbor who recently trimmed his trees.  I asked if I could take some before it was hauled away. He couldn’t load my car fast enough. And, then the branches sat in my garage for a year! I up-cycled a broken frame, added [Read more…]

Simple Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


Hi there-  I am joining in a Thanksgiving Décor blog hop  hosted by Emily and Erin at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  I start decorating for fall over Labor Day weekend, add a few witches and ghosts in October, and  return to autumn.  This is why pumpkins and the often overlooked, under valued gourd, are my go  [Read more…]

Update a Chalkboard


Here is my DIY chalkboard in my dining room.   After my recent dining room makeover, the chalkboard looked  a little lost on the wall.  Or, maybe IT was  just bored! I found these  Wall Pops at Tuesday Morning earlier this summer and thought the splash of blue might be fun!   Or, at least get the attention [Read more…]

Vinyl for Kids’ Decor


*Expressions Vinyl contributed the neon vinyl used for this project. Last summer I posted on my blog, I’m Not a Trophy Wife, how I turned foam mat squares, often used beneath exercise equipment, into a wall display for my son’s room. My goal was to add stickers and vinyl   incorporating my son’s interests.  So when [Read more…]