This is one of my favorite projects.  I have dreamed about this project for over a year.  And, it happens to be one of my most popular posts!
So here are our french doors into our basement.This room is where we watch sports or the kids watch movies with friends. The glass panes are covered with fingerprints and dog snorts.  These white french doors did not go with my vision for our basement.
Here is our finished version:

The barn doors open into our cozy little den:
Pricing barn doors is tricky. The doors can be relatively inexpensive, but the hardware for the track and roller system is crazy expensive (relative to standard door hardware).  Every track system I priced online was easily $500.00 and the additional hardware x2 doors pushed the price above $900.

I just couldn’t believe my only option was going to cost me $900+ dollars. So, I checked out Home Depot.  Our local Depot did not have the track systems. I then went to a feed supply store.  Their pricing was out of my budget.  So I headed over to Lowes.  I found out not all Lowes stores carry the barn door track system.  An associate suggested we try one in another city that is closer to horse property.  I didn’t check out additional Home Depot’s so you may have more options depending on where you live.  Here are the original doors {the primer on the wall is from my earlier project to seal off a closet door).  I took these before shots… way before we would finish this project! We had to remove the existing white trim.  We wanted the new trim to match the stained finished doors we envisioned. Here is the new knotty pine trim and the track system.  The doors and track system came from Lowes.  We attached a 1x6x10 piece of pine above the door frame and used this to attach the hardware.
The rectangular brackets hold the rollers that slide along the track.This is only the beginning of this project.  The brackets are attached to each door and then hung onto the track.  So you need 4 brackets total for 2 doors. For the stain I decided on Dark Walnut and lots of cotton rags.


Here are the details:
large;”>2  32″ knotty pine solid interior doors ($148 each)
1  1x6x10 knotty pine board (to bolt track into)
2 1x3x8 knotty pine boards (we had to pull the original door trim out and replace with knotty pine trim) and the barn door hardware track system from Lowes
Approximate total cost for the 2 door project:
Under $500.00 



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    These are gorgeous! I love the dark stain. I just did a barn door in our hallway going into the laundry room. It was really difficult to find the hardware that was not waaayyyyy expensive. But, I did it. And just like you, I love my barn door. You did a wonderful job!

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    Anonymous says

    This is a great idea. However, I’m sorry to be negative but I was so excited to find this tutorial and yet the most important information is not included: what exact hardware did was used? what was it called? which Lowe’s did you find it in? I did a search for this hardware on-line and it is extremely expensive so details on a cheaper version would be very relavant.

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    Amazing transformation! I love that you did your self and on a budget. It was time and money well spent. I wish I had a place in my house to add some barn doors.

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