Christmas Mice in the Kitchen!

Last year I posted my attempt at making a cheaper version of Garnet Hill’s Chocolate Mice. That post has been deleted. One of my first blogging friends,  Mary over at  Life in a Small Town sent me a link for a better different recipe for Chocolate Mice.  I had the chance to redeem myself!


Where there is one mouse.. there’s always more… 007

These store great in Tupperware and are great for kid parties or dessert bites for adults!

Lined up and ready to go!

Package of Oreos,
1 jar maraschino cherries with stems
1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips melted
1 package milk chocolate Kisses
1 package sliced almonds (for ears)
red gel icing for eyes
1. Split Oreos in half, keep the side with frosting
2. Unwrap the Kisses

3. Dip each cherry in the melted chocolate chips
4. Place dipped cherry on flat side of a Hershey Kiss and place on top of frosted Oreo side with tail hanging over edge of cookie
5. Place almonds on top for the ears and add gel icing for the eyes


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    OK, seriously these are adorable. I like the first ones, but girl these take the “mouse”. Really cute, if their anywhere as good as the look, I’ll be over for a few myself. Thanks so much for sharing with us how you made them. Thanks for sharing at Sunday’s Best.

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    I’m a Christmas mouse fanatic, and I always love seeing these little treats!

    I’d love for you to link up this week at my Friday Favorites party!

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