Sports Talk Radio..bonding with my boys

sports talk 104.3

When my daughter left for college I was left with a house full of boys.  At the time both our dogs were boys!   With their older sister away at school, my boys quickly  “hijacked”  my favorite radio stations and navigated to Sports Radio 104.3 (in Denver)  to tune into “The Drive with Big Al and D-Mac.”   Isn’t it funny how you envision radio broadcasters?  Let’ s just say, based on the guy’s voice, D-Mac on the right sounds like he is 25 years old.  Seriously, I thought he was 25 years old.  It’s funny how we picture faces when we only hear a voice over the media outlet of choice!

sports talk 104.3  3rd





So, I started tuning into Big Al and D-Mac on my way to carpool in the afternoons. My strategy was to glean a few talking points from the sports world and impress the boys with my questions or comments.  My  immediate  impression of sport radio  is  it is essentially the “male version” of  The View.    It’s a whole lot of shouting, grandstanding, opinionated sports enthusiasts (one is a former Denver Bronco).  And, it is way more entertaining than ANY of the other radio stations.   It’s kinda refreshing.

104.3 2nd









That’s right!  What began as a way to bond with my boys, I found to be highly addictive.  The banter between Big Al and D-Mac was more entertaining and better than any other late afternoon radio show.  I spend the after school hours in my car (either shuttling kids or conference calls with west coast clients)  so Sports Radio proved to be such  a surprisingly, enjoyable break from the political shows or celebrity trash talk radio segments.   And, the boys love the lively discussions between Big Al and D-Mac.  Big Al is still ruminating about the devastating, superbowl loss from earlier this year!   We can’t talk about it at our house.

Thanks Big Al and D-Mac for giving me the opportunity to connect with my boys and for a few minutes a day to feel like I am the cool mom!  Any of you share a favorite type of radio program with your children?


Funny Sunnday: First Days of School.. Front Porch Photo Fail

boys facials

What is the big deal with first day of school photos? This is what I kept asking my boys each morning during the first week of school. Last year I got the boys to pose with these cute hashtag signs from Jen over at  Tatertots & Jello.  Her children are so excited to show off their mom’s creations!  And, my children.  Not so much!!! This is last year.

7thgrade hashtag

So this year, after repeated attempts          bribes, I decided to make a substitution for my  annual FB post of my kids’ first day of school.  What do you think?   The funniest thing is my boys aren’t on FB- they quit once their mom and dad  joined and are now on Instagram. They have not seen this photo…. yet!  Lesson: Don’t mess with mama and the back to school year photo!

boys facials