Fun Outdoor Winter Scapes from BH&G!

I love bh&g. I subscribe to the print magazine and the emails!  Some emails just catch my eye!  Here are a few of my favorites this past month.

I don’t have a window box but I have a planter hanging outside my kitchen window {which I just thought of while typing}

I have my black urns in front of my door… I love this display with the green and pink contrast. Of course, what’s the white stuff in the background?  Snow? Please think snow for Colorado!

I love these grapevines wrapped in lights.  These are perfect for the cold, dark days of January!
Grabbed these ideas from BH&


  1. Awesome decorations. So beautiful, yet so simple.

  2. Wonderful ideas. I really like the urn with the holiday decorations. Thank you for sharing xo P.S. have you entered the Happy Holidays giveaway yet?

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